Our journey had led to late night arguments and really brought out our completely different views on travel. I like to have journeys planned and know what's available in new locations but in the run up to our trip my travel partner had been keen to dissuade from any planning in lieu of just being spontaneous and stuff will work out. The problem was that on arrival the spontaneous plans don't really work if you don't know where you are going! So I urge again think carefully about your travel partner.
So after a shaky start and a late night arrival we began our three days in Paris and spent our first day doing the typical touristy walk about and seeing the sights. A subway journey from our hotel took us to the Champs-Elysees and the famous Arc de Triomphe.
We spent a little time simply walking around before continuing to Paris' number one attraction- The Eiffel Tower. It is a beautiful structure and is visible from all over Paris and so we spent our first day simply admiring it from various locations with a visit up the tower planned for the following day.
The weather remained rather wet and dull during our trip, which was to be expected for a January visit, but we still got a few good snaps of the tower silhouetted against the grey skies.
Walking around and under the Eiffel Tower it's quite interesting to see who intricate the structure is. Just don't stop for too long because you will of course be instantly accosted by someone trying to sell you something. We were harassed by rose sellers but I imagine they probably do get a lot of business mainly through embarrassing a people into buying roses for their other halves.
It is a lovely spot but even visiting as a couple I can't say that there is anything in particular that makes the Eiffel Tower itself romantic. I think anywhere can be romantic and don't really buy into Paris as the city of love. Who decided this?
We finish our first day at the Centre George Pompidou a modern art gallery which also has very interesting high tech ultra modern architecture. It was getting dark by the time we had made it to the gallery but this also let us see it in all its night lights.
Our walk to our subway station took us back past the Eiffel tower which at night is also lit up. Each night the tower puts on a show of of lights all over the iron beam and with spotlights shining up into the sky. The twinkling lights are a beautiful addition but once an hour their is a sparkly light show which, for me, kinda ruins it and makes it a bit of a tacky party trick. With our first of three days in Paris down we only has another two to try and squeeze in as much as possible so it would be an early rise and a busy day to come.