Frederiksborg Castle: A Perfect Day Trip From Copenhagen

Denmark is known for its splendid castles and royal palaces and if you're planning a trip to the Danish capital, Copenhagen, there will be plenty to choose from even just in the city centre. During our recent visit to Denmark there was one royal palace that stood out for us: Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerod. This is a fantastic place to explore and somewhere that should definitely be on your itinerary!
Frederiksborg and The Museum of National History. So first, a super quick history lesson. The castle was built by the Danish King Christian IV in the 1600s but royal residences on the site can be traced all the way back to the 1500s. The castle was named after Christian's father King Frederik II and designed and constructed in a Renaissance architecture style. Sadly, much of the castle was destroyed by a fire back in 1859 but since then it has been rebuilt and restored and since 1878, the castle has been the home of the Det Nationalhistoriske Museum or the Danish Museum of National History.
While that may or may not seem that interesting, the key thing to take away is that when you visit Frederiksborg Castle you are technically visiting two attractions in one. The external castle and the internal museum collection! The two merge seamlessly together and visiting the site you will experience 500 years of Danish history, amazing art and furniture collections and an overall a sense of grandeur you have probably never seen before. And fun fact - J.C. Jacobsen who founded the museum was also the founder of another great Danish institution - Carlsberg.
Things to see at Frederiksborg Castle. If you opt for a day trip to Federiksborg Castle, one thing is for certainly you won’t run out of things to see. With so many things going on both inside and outside this historic royal castle you might struggle to fit everything into one visit!
Exterior Splendor and Renaissance architecture. As soon as we arrived in Hillerod we were immediately impressed by Frederiksborg Castle. We chose to walk from the train station and got some stunning views of the buildings and gardens sitting on the edge of Slotssoen Lake. When you arrive at the castle, it might take a while before you go through the gates because there’s so much to see right from the get go. Crossing a cobbled lined bridge and the first gatehouse make sure to look around for stunning views back over Hillerod as well as taking in the stable buildings on either side.
The Grand Interiors. When you’ve made it past the beautiful exterior of Frederiksborg, it’s time to discover the museum itself. There are so many beautiful rooms to explore, so much art, ornate furniture and ceiling decor it can be overwhelming. I don’t think I have ever said “wow” so many times in my life. My top tip is to take is slow and don’t try to read the information for every single room there is just no way you will get through everything on one visit.