Enjoying the Snow in Renfrewshire, Scotland

After the warmest winter on record here in Scotland we were all beginning to wonder whether there would be any snow this season. While we missed out on a white Christmas and instead suffered lots of wet and windy weather continuing through the start of January the snow finally came on the 16th. Here's a few photo's from a short walk I took around the Renfrewshire area.
My walk was a very short one near the village of Bishopton while visiting a family member but is always a lovely route. After such mild recent weather I was keen to have a bit of proper winter weather even if it made the road travel to get there quite difficult.
I set out on my wander across the fields and slightly up hill to get a good view over the snow in Renfrewshire. It was quite heavily snowing at the time but the camera hasn't really picked this up though I did have to lighten photos a little. For me a covering of snow makes any landscape so much prettier even if it's only a dusting but most of all trees always make the perfect picture.
As well as the fields, a trip round the local reservoir also gave some lovely views though with so much snow it was a little difficult to see where the edges on the water were so I didn't wander too far.
We might have had to wait a little while but it was a good fall of snow in Renfrewshire and made a very nice winter walk even if I didn’t have anyone to build a snowman with. Here’s hoping there’ll be a bit more snow to come this winter season.